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Friday, November 07, 2003
What's so great about Dubya, anyway? An Invitation/Challenge

Alright, so I've been doing this blog thing for about a week now, and it is very cool. Perhaps the most impressive thing to me is the level of discourse (sure, there are a bunch of kooks out there who must employ bots to generate the amount of stupid shit they regularly post). There are some insanely smart, perceptive, thoughtful, passionate people out here in the blogosophere, and I don't think there has ever, in the history of [wo]mankind, been such an opportunity for the free exchange of ideas. The possibilities are truly astonishing.

Of course here, as in the "real world", there is a lot of partisanship -- maybe more. And that's part of the fun, too. But I don't want to get too caught up in the "left vs. right" dynamic that seems to define most of the political blogosphere (at least, what I've seen so far of my corner of it). I am, of course, a leftie. A proud member of the League of Liberals. But to me, a hallmark of that liberalism is open-mindedness, and the ability and willingness to look critically at any situation.

What's the point, you ask? The point is this: I don't like George W. Bush. I don't like Rummy or Cheney or Ashcroft or Wolfowitz either. And I have good reasons. Some of those reasons are here on this blog, and in the comments I've left like shiny turds throughout the blogosphere. But maybe, just maybe, there are reasons why I should like Bush or those other guys. Maybe there is a liberal bias (in me or in my choice of media) that prevents me from seeing all the good that this administration has done/is doing.

So, here it is: Be you liberal, conservative, independent, or anarchist, I invite you to share with me your sincere views concerning good things -- for you or for your community or for this country or for the world -- that the Bush administration has done. The only thing I ask is that you try to be detailed and provide facts to support your assertions. Comments like "George W. Bush is the best thing for this country. God Bless George W. Bush, and God Bless America," while perhaps sincere, do not convey information about the administration, but simply about your faith in it, and therefore add little to the discourse and are not persuasive.

I prefer to think of this as an objective search for truth, but if you are of the type that is more motivated by competition, I'm throwing down the gauntlet. Here's your chance, Bushies, to show us disloyal, anti-American asshats, just how great Dubya really is. How can you pass that up?

Thursday, November 06, 2003
Farting Fish Redux

Please welcome to Rick's, and to the League of Liberals, Officially Unofficial -- who shares my interest in marine biology.

Bush Hates Our Troops

Take a moment to watch this short flash movie about the Bush administration's callous disregard (and trust me that is putting it mildly) for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us. Then go to A Marine's Girl to learn more.

This is getting repetitive

Congratulations -- AGAIN -- to Dawn, whose "Death By Invitation" is KICKING ASS on the New Weblog Showcase. Oh, yeah, and she is now a Large Mammal!

And the Hypocritical Coward Award goes to . . .

. . . it's a TIE! According to this column by Lawrence Korb (via Tom Tomorrow), Fred "Iraq is reasonably secure and stable" Barnes and William "The failuremongers ignore Iraq's progress" Safire, declined an invitation from the DoD to join a delegation to Iraq "to enhance their knowledge of the coalition’s progress toward reconstruction and self-governance in Iraq". Among the other chickenhawks apparently too scared to step into the mess their masters have made in Iraq was George "student deferment" Will.

Shame on you all.

It's the FUCKING AIR, stupid.

E.P.A. now officially stands for Ensuring Profits for Assholes: Lawyers at E.P.A. Say It Will Drop Pollution Cases. What's next?

I can see it now . . .

Federal Government Permits Hospitals to Re-Use Needles, Buy Drugs Off Street.
Head of Federal Agency*: "We've found its a more cost effective way to provide quality medical care"

*also head of the American Hospital Association and George Bush's fraternity brother and dealer.

Saudis Fear Sand Shortage

No, really.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
20 Questions

  • Where is Osama?
  • Where is Saddam?
  • Where are the WMD's?
  • Where is our economic surplus?
  • Where are our jobs?
  • Where are our pensions?
  • Where are our civil liberties?
  • Where are our equal rights?
  • Who leaked Plame's identity?
  • Who stands to profit from the war in Iraq?
  • Why doesn't the Bush Administration want to punish war profiteers?
  • Why won't Bush cooperate with the Congressional investigation on 9/11?
  • Why is the Selective Service being ramped up?
  • Why are our children and siblings and spouses and parents dying in Iraq?
  • How were the Saudis involved in 9/11?
  • What fucking right do they have . . . ?
  • What fucking right do we have . . . ?
  • What will we do when the oil runs out?
  • Why does everyone hate us?
  • Why are we so afraid?

  • *Bonus 21st question: Why can't we all just get along?

    Blogging for a Cure

    Kudos to Grateful Dread for doing his her part to raise awareness about diabetes.

    Fish Farts

    This post on The 18 1/2 Minute Gap reminded me of this article from a few months ago. Is this the new . . . er . . . face of marine biology?

    My head hurts

    Making the rounds in the blogosphere (my intro was through Estimated Prophet) is a theory (theories?) that the Israeli Mossad knew about 9/11 before it happened and (alternately? simultaneously?) tried to warn us and/or was responsible for it.

    I haven't had time to sift through all of it yet and, for the moment, just don't know what to make of it. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

    New Weblog Showcase

    Political: Clareified, with Death By Invitation.

    Non-Political: Rocket Penguin with Who Da Pope?

    What the hell is snogging?

    Indigo Ocean links to a story about six guys who did this, whatever it is, on camera with a pre-operative transsexual.

    White House does not want to punish war profiteers

    That's right. The Bush Administration successfully blocked an anti-profiteering amendment from being included in a bill to fund the Iraqi reconstruction. The amendment would have subjected those who Intentionally defrauded the United States or iraq to costly fines and jail terms of up to 20 year.

    Harry Truman considered war profiteering treason. This administration, which is led by and propped up by profiteers, considers opposition to its policies (including -- hell, especially pro-profiteering policies) treason. Curiouser and Curiouser.

    Semper Fi

    By way of Democratic Veteran, I had the opportunity to meet A Marine's Girl this morning. Her most recent post, "Interrupted by Fireworks", which recounts a phone conversation between Marine's Girl and her Marine (who is in Iraq), literally brought tears to my eyes.

    The courage, loyalty, tenderness and strength demonstrated by the Marine is truly inspirational. I am so proud of our troops, and so heartbroken and ashamed that our irresponsible civilian leaders have put them at risk for unworthy political and personal reasons, and are now forcing them to stay long after their tours ended.

    Stay strong, Marine's Girl. Your blog is beautiful, and so is your Marine.

    Hug a Redneck

    Mahablog explains why Howard Dean is right about the pickup truck guys, and I agree.

    She's so adorable!

    Congratulations to Dawn, who has finally been recognized by the Ecosystem for what she really is: an Adorable Little Rodent!

    Also, a hearty welcome to new League of Liberals members:
  • And Then
  • A-Changin' Times
  • Estimated Prophet
  • Gotham City 13
  • The 18 1/2 Minute Gap

  • Tuesday, November 04, 2003
    Trickle-up economics, or How Shopaholics got Bush Re-Elected

    Could the celebrated new rise in GDP have anything to do with the recent rise in overconsumption? And if we don't start seeing new jobs, how are these people going to pay their credit card bills? And if they don't pay their credit card bills . . . well, you can probably see where I'm going with this.

    BUT, economics was never my forte. So, if you are an economist (or play one on TV), I invite you to post an explanation that will help me to understand the current state and future of the economy (i.e., how can the economy be getting better when everyone around me seems to be doing worse?)

    They're not all cowards.

    Mad props to Rep. John D. Dingell (D-MI), who, in a letter to CBS President Leslie Moonves, wrote:
    As someone who served with President Reagan, and in the interest of historical accuracy, please allow me to share with you some of my recollections of the Reagan years that I hope will make it into the final cut of the mini-series: $640 Pentagon toilets seats; ketchup as a vegetable; union busting; firing striking air traffic controllers; Iran-Contra; selling arms to terrorist nations; trading arms for hostages; retreating from terrorists in Beirut; lying to Congress; financing an illegal war in Nicaragua; visiting Bitburg cemetery; a cozy relationship with Saddam Hussein; shredding documents; Ed Meese; Fawn Hall; Oliver North; James Watt; apartheid apologia; the savings and loan scandal; voodoo economics; record budget deficits; double digit unemployment; farm bankruptcies; trade deficits; astrologers in the White House; Star Wars; and influence peddling.

    I hope you find these facts useful in accurately depicting President Reagan's time in office.

    Conclusive proof that porn is evil

    If you scroll down, you'll see what my Gematriculator ratings were before I added the link to the Protection from Crappy Porn Week of Resistance. Here they are after:

    This site is certified 37% EVIL by the GematriculatorThis site is certified 63% GOOD by the Gematriculator

    From my cold, dead . . . ewwww!

    Thanks to Shock and Awe for raising my . . . awareness. Rick's Cafe supports The Resistance!

    'nuff said.

    This site is certified 28% EVIL by the GematriculatorThis site is certified 72% GOOD by the Gematriculator

    Thanks to Natalie Davis for the link.

    Rough Draft

    Northstar provides some helpful and encouraging advice re: moving to Canada, in the face of the Bush Administration's new public campaign to resurrect draft boards throughout the nation.

    Want to guess who won't be drafted? The children of our fearless leaders, including Bush's own daughters (Jenna & Barbara Bush, 22yrs old), ad his nieces and nephews, including Jeb Bush, Jr. (18) and Lauren Bush (19).

    I jest, of course. Recognizing the clear rightness of what George W. has done and is doing (to say nothing of his divine mandate), these kids are -- as we speak -- enlisting. I'm sure of it.

    Me, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Reverend Al

    According to the fine folks at The Political Compass, I reside somewhere in Quadrant III with a leftward economic leaning of -4.38 and a libertarian social leaning of -5.13. According to their analysis, that puts me in the general vicinity of such political icons as Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Dennis Kucinich, and Al Sharpton.

    I'd post a permalink, but my knee keeps banging the keyboard away

    Although I'm pretty sure he called me a "knee-jerk liberal", I think he also called me "charming", so he can't be all bad.

    In any event, in the spirit of fostering harmony and intelligent discourse, which is what he seems honestly to be about, I commend to you the thoughtful blogging of WhatsAPundit, singer of the "Apolitical Blues".

    Put my money where your vote is.

    I just got back from my more-or-less-weekly poker game, and I had a good night. I won $100.

    There's only one thing that gives me more pleasure than taking money from the guys who usually fleece me, and that is exercising my constitutional right to participate in this grand experiment we call democracy!

    Unfortunately, the U.S. has a staggeringly low voter registration/turnout rate, particularly among minorities. That's why I've decided to give the $100 I won last night to the person or group who can get the most eligible citizens in underrepresented communities to (a) register to vote; and (b) actually vote in the national elections in 2004.

    If I continue to do well in poker, I'll add more to the pot. I invite interested parties/organizations to join me, by adding money to the pot, organizing a voter registration drive, getting the word out about my reward offer, or starting their own contest.

    If you are interested in helping, e-mail me. I will post additional details and rules in the coming weeks.

    You've got a whole year, so get moving, spread the word, and -- most importantly -- VOTE!!!

    Monday, November 03, 2003
    I'm Rick and he's not.

    For a shining example of clear-thinking, intelligent conservative discourse, check out this gem from Radical Redneck:


    For the entire comment, click here and scroll down until you smell feces.

    Leaguers, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    I am pleased to welcome the League of Liberals to Rick's.

    Cue La Marseillaise.

    NEWSFLASH: Blogger for Bush Acknowledges Men Like Bush Should Not Run For President

    Kashei (who apparently went to high school with Dawn, but clearly paid less attention when they taught logical reasoning) asks why Al Sharpton is allowed to participate in the debates. The question is clearly a rhetorical device employed to showcase her racism (not hate-racism, but its more pernicious cousin, ignorance-racism), however I couldn't pass up the opportunity to point out the irony of her biggest complaint about Reverend Al: "he speaks broken English, at best."

    Is she kidding?

    See my comment to Kashei's post for a more complete reaction.

    And the award for Most Appropriate Nickname goes to . . .

    A search for "Rummy" on Dictionary.com led to some revealing results:

  • The American Heritage Dictionary defines 'Rummy' as "Odd, strange, or dangerous." How about all three?
  • Webster's tells us 'Rummy' is "an habitually intemperate person". ('Intemperate', of course, means "Excessive; ungovernable; inordinate; violent; immoderate".)
  • Princeton University's Wordnet gives us this definition and remarkably apt illustration: "Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected; . . . 'they have some funny ideas about war'".

  • And, of course, 'Rummy' is "a drunkard". Could it be booze and not drugs?

    Monday, Monday . . .

    . . . so good to me . . .

    Thanks to the fine folks at the Ecosystem and their New Weblog Showcase, I am now a proud Flippery Fish. Thanks to all who visited and voted, particularly members of the League of Liberals -- I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for more.

    Sunday, November 02, 2003
    So much like the real thing, you'll forget its a doll!

    Get your Ann Coulter Doll today! Pins not included.

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